412 History of Wake Forest College
department modified its training somewhat in order to cooperate with
the federal government in making men physically fit for military
service. The designation of the members of the staff of this
department as professors, as associates, and instructors was
discontinued in the catalogue of 1941-42.
Here may be noticed a modification of the curriculum in the
requirements for the degree of bachelor of arts which was begun in
the administration of President Gaines, and under his influence. The
catalogues of the years before 1929-30 show that for this degree four
units of foreign language were required on entrance, and the
minimum requirement of college work in courses above high school
grade was 20 to 24 semester hours, in two foreign languages, and in
most of the elective groups 10 or 12 hours additional.
First in the catalogue of 1929-30 the admission requirement was
lowered to two units of any foreign language for all degrees, with the
restriction that a language offered on entrance must be continued in
college, which in effect meant that the average student would make
French his prescribed language for college work. But for the bachelor
of arts degree the requirements were still 20 to 24 semester hours of
foreign language of college grade in two foreign languages for those
offering only two units of foreign language on entrance, and 16 to 18
for those who had offered four units. But the process of lowering the
requirements in foreign language has continued, with the result, as
shown in the catalogue of 1942, that a student entering with the two
units of credit in French, which is practically the only language taught
in high schools of the State, satisfies the language requirement for the
bachelor of arts degree on completing 12 additional semester hours of
French in the College, which added to the work done in high school is
not more than the amount of foreign language that was required on
entrance until 1929-30, although the quality of the instruction is
immeasurably superior in college to that in the high schools.
One consequence of this lowering of the requirements in the foreign
languages, which has been virtually forced upon the col-
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