Faculty and Curriculum Under Kitchin 415
In the French section Assistant Professor P. H. Wilson remained
until June, 1935. Others who were teachers of French in this period
were: Charles A. Seibert, B.A., Williams College, 1925, M.A.,
Columbia University, 1933, who came to the College with the rank of
instructor in 1929, and was raised to the rank of assistant professor in
1934; he was granted a leave of absence in June, 1941, and has
accepted a position in another institution. He was on a leave of
absence for the year 1930-31 when his place was filled by a young
Frenchman of much ability, Robert Cru. In September, 1935,
Assistant Professor Wilson was succeeded by Dr. H. D. Parcell, a
graduate of the University of North Carolina, an M.A. and Ph.D. of
Harvard University, who had much experience in teaching. He was
raised to the rank of associate professor in 1938. Another of the force
of instructors in French is Mr. W. C. Archie, a graduate of Davidson
College, who served as teaching fellow in French in 1933-34, and
except during leave of absence for graduate study in Princeton
University has taught French in the College, as instructor, 1935-40,
and as assistant professor since that time. He also is on leave of
absence for service in the defense of the nation. In 1942-43 French
was taught by Miss Lois Johnson, with reference to whose equipment
a statement will be given below, and Mrs. Kathryn Day Wyatt.
The catalogue of 1941-42 shows the restoration of Spanish to the
curriculum with Assistant Professor Seibert as instructor. Since his
departure in 1942 the course has been taught by Miss Nell Dowtin.
Registrations have been large.
In the department of Religion Dr. W. R. Cullom and Dr. J. W.
Lynch continued until their retirement in 1938. Their successors are
Dr. O. T. Binkley and Dr. J. A. Easley, both with the rank of full
professor, and with Dr. Binkley head of the department. Of the latter
some account has already been given. Dr. Binkley, who as an
undergraduate manifested great native ability and zeal for scholarship,
received the B.A. degree from Wake Forest College in 1928, the B.D.
from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1931, the Ph.D.
from Yale University in 1933, and had been pastor of the Chapel Hill
Baptist Church
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