416 History of Wake Forest College
since 1933. He has conciliated the Baptists of the State by his
exposition and championship of their cherished principles and his
cooperation in denominational enterprises. He is often in requisition
to speak in their most important meetings. The registrations in the
department were 412 in 1941-42.
In the department of Latin there was no change, Dr. Hubert M.
Poteat continuing as head. Most of his work as editor of Latin texts
for the use of college students, spoken of in a former chapter, was in
this period. In the department of Greek Dr. George W. Paschal was
retired in 1940 when he was succeeded by Dr. C. B. Earp, who was a
graduate of the College in 1926 with the B.A. degree, and had
received the Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in 1939, and had
had several successful years of teaching the ancient classics.
In the department of Education there was no change, both Dr. D. B.
Bryan and Professor J. L. Memory continuing as before. In the
department of Psychology and Philosophy also there was no change,
Dr. A. C. Reid with the help of instructors doing all the work.
The English department in this period had a normal and healthy
development. Dr. Benjamin Sledd continued as head until his
retirement in 1938, when he was succeeded by Professor H. B. Jones,
who had been executive secretary of the department since 1927. In the
past five years Dr. Jones has brought the department to a high state of
harmony and efficiency, with all members of the staff cooperating to
make it one of the best in the College. The personnel of the staff has
undergone changes. On June 24, 1936, Associate Professor J. Rice
Quisenberry was lost by death; in his later years he had taught
debating and public speaking and had trained the inter-collegiate
debaters and had represented the faculty on Old Gold and Black. Of
those who began this period with Professor Jones, Assistant Professor
A. L. Aycock alone remains. As a part of his work he has conducted a
class in the Fine Arts, for which he received special training in
Harvard University. In June, 1941, he was appointed curator of the
Simmons Art Museum, the gift of Dr. T. J. Simmons of Gaines-
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