Faculty and Curriculum Under Kitchin 417
ville, Georgia, which at that time had been recently moved to Wake
Forest. In the absence of the instructor regularly designated for that
purpose he trains the debating teams of the College, and is doing the
work most satisfactorily. In 1936 Associate Professor E. E. Folk was
added to the English faculty as assistant professor and was raised to
his present rank the next year. He is an inspirational teacher in many
subjects of the department, but perhaps his chief enthusiasm is his
course in Chaucer, for which registrations are always large. One of his
other valuable contributions is his instruction in journalism, a work
for which he was well equipped by his service on the editorial staffs
of such papers as the Nashville Tennessean and the New York Herald.
Several young men trained in his classes are making journalism their
profession with much success. Another indication of the excellence of
Dr. Folk's training in this work is the uniform excellence of the
student publications, Old Gold and Black, and the Howler in recent
years.1 Another who contributed to the scholarly tone and character of
the department was
Editors of Old Gold and Black: 1916. Carey J. Hunter, Jr.; 1916-1917. G. F.
Rittenhouse; 1917-1918. R. L. Humber, Jr., J. A. McKaughan, W. B. Gladney;
1918-1919. R. R. Mallard; 1919-1920. E. E. Folk; 1920-1921. C. W. Weathers;
1921-1922. Edwin Holman; 1922-1923. W. J. Cash; 1923-1924. J. M. Parker; 1924-
1925. L. R. Vann; 1925-1926. T. W. Baker; 1926-1927. Len Paschal; 1927-1928.
Elmer Cloer; 1928-1929. R. D. Bullock; 1929-1930. D. E. Jester; 1930-1931. J. M.
Minton; 1931-1932. C. H. Stroupe; 1932-1933. Hoke M. Norris; 1933-1934. C. E.
Schaible; 1934-1935. Thompson Greenwood; 1935-1936. Charles Trueblood; 1936-
1937. A. M. McMillan; 1937-1938. David Morgan; 1938-1939. Ray Pittman; 1939-
1940. C. M. Kelly, Jr.; 1940-1941. Eugene Brissie; 1941-1942. T. W. Ayres; 1942-
1943. Robert S. Gallimore, W. B. Primm, H. B. Parrott; 1943-1944. Martha Ann
Editors of the Howler: 1903. R. G. Camp; 1904. B. W. Parham; 1905. C. T.
Goode; 1906. George T. Goodwyn; 1907. W. H. Vann; 1908. H. H. McMillan;
1909. J. M. Adams; 1910. R. H. Shanks; 1911. T. A. Haywood; 1912. M. A.
Huggins; 1913. R. H. McLendon; 1914. R. C. Dixon; 1915. C. W. Carrick; 1916. H.
R. Paschal; 1917. J. A. Bivens; 1918. L. V. Collins; 1919. J. C. Eagle; 1920. R. D.
Poe; 1921. G. R. Sherrill; 1922. W. 0. Kelley; 1923. W. D. Brown; 1924. James H.
Ivey, Jr.; 1925. J. A. Woodward; 1926. E. 0. Burroughs, Jr.; 1927. B. M. Squires;
1928. W. C. Whitley; 1929. J. B. Mattison; 1930. Roy B. Davis; 1931. Irwin C.
Kitchin; 1932. C. L. Davis; 1933. A. V. Washburn, Jr.; 1934. C. U. Harris, Jr.;
1935. Howard Rollins; 1936. J. W. Mason; 1937. J. A. Hutchins, Jr.; 1938. J. S.
Young; 1939. Carl A. Dull, Jr.; 1940. W. D. Poe; 1941. T. N. Ashburn; 1942. Royal
Jennings, Jr.; 1943. E. G. Wilson; 1944. Elizabeth Jones.
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