418 History of Wake Forest College
Dr. Guy A. Cardwell, who came to the College in 1936 with the
degrees of the University of North Carolina and Harvard; he came as
instructor but in 1937 he was raised to the rank of assistant professor.
He remained only two years, when he accepted a position on the
faculty of Tulane University. Another who belongs to this period is
M. L. Griffin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., who began as instructor in English
in 1933; with several leaves of absence he won the Ph.D. from the
University of North Carolina, and in 1942 was raised to the rank of
assistant professor; he is regarded as indispensable to the department;
M. J. Hagood, 1935-42, when he left to enter the armed forces of the
nation; Zon Robinson, who in connection with other duties in the
College began his services as Director of Public Speaking in 1939;
George E. Copple, 1938-39; D. A. Brown, since 1941. All of these
have proved able and industrious and good instructors, and have
contributed much in winning the department the respect which it now
enjoys. Dr. Jones is a master teacher in nearly every branch of
literature and in writing, and has proved a great administrator and
director of the department, in which the harmony and unity are such
as obtain in a hive of bees with every individual industriously doing
his part in the common enterprise; but it still remains marvelous how
the six teachers take care so well of the great numbers that are
gathered in their classes, 817 in 1940-41.
The department of Social Science has continued according to the
plans and purposes that its head, Professor C. C. Pearson, had
instituted soon after he succeeded Dr. Sikes in 1916. There was little
change in personnel of the faculty during this period. Associate
Professor Whelan resigned in 1931. R. Robert Herling, who had
received the degrees of B.A. and M.A. from Princeton University and
in the years 1924-29 had been instructor in economics in Princeton
University, was added to the department in September, 1930, as
assistant professor; he proved to be a teacher of good ability but
remained only one year. In 1933 Mr. C. P. West was raised to the
rank of assistant professor; in 1931 L. Owens Rea, who had received
the B.A. and the Ph.D.
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