Although no new department was added during the administration
of President Poteat there were many changes in the staff of instructors
and enlargement in nearly all of them, of which some account will be
taken here, so far as concerns those of the rank of Assistant Professor
or higher.
Professor Poteat did not give up his work as head of the department
of Biology on his assumption of the presidency, but continued to offer
courses with little variation but with some adaptation to the needs of
students preparing for the study of medicine. The four courses,
General Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, are described in the
catalogues until that of 1920-21 without much change, except that the
course in Human Physiology was made more popular and included
Hygiene, for which so long as Poteat taught it, the registrations
numbered about ninety, being limited only by the capacity of the
lecture room. In most of these years the course in Geology is listed
under the department of Biology; Poteat taught it to interested classes
in earlier years, but with the increase in his administrative duties he
entrusted the teaching of this and of Physiology also to instructors
borrowed from other departments.
In 1920 Dr. H. N. Gould was added as Professor of Biology,
Histology, and Embryology, his choice being indicated by the fact
that a teacher of the latter subjects, in which he was proficient, was
desired in the School of
On his coming to the College an
advanced course in Vertebrate Zoology was added, primarily for
students who were to study medicine, and in 1921-22
For the academic and professional record of Dr. Gould and the other members
of the faculty to be mentioned below the reader is referred to the catalogues of the
years in which they served, in which they are stated with some fullness. A briefer
record may be found in the appendix to this chapter.
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