420 History of Wake Forest College
and has since devoted all his time to the department of Biology. On May
30, 1938, Dr. Elton C. Cocke was added as assistant professor; he was
advanced to the rank of associate professor in 1942. He had obtained
from the University of Virginia, the B.S. in 1927, the M.S. in 1928, the
Ph.D. in 1931, and had been instructor in Biology in institutions for the
years 1931-38. He has proved an able and popular teacher, and his
influence on the religious life of the institution has been salutary. In all
these years the department has had the assistance of teaching fellows or
instructors, the instructors being: Bruce A. Perry; 1936-38; H. G. Britt,
1938-40; C. M. Allen, 1941-42. The teaching fellows have been: R. L.
Evans, 1930-31; R. P. Morehead, 1931-32; H. M. Phillips, 1932-34; M.
L. Perry, 1934-36; H. G. Britt, 1936-38; C. M. Allen, 1939-41; J. W.
Berry and F. E. Leatherwood, 1940-42.
It was a great loss to the department of Chemistry and to the
College and State when Dr. J. W. Nowell, associate professor, 1914, and
after a year full professor and head of the department, died on November
25, 1930. He was succeeded as head of the department by Dr. C. S.
Black. His assistants of professorial rank during the years have been
Nevill Isbell and W. J. Wyatt both of whom in 1930-31 had the rank of
assistant professor and have since been raised to the rank of associate,
Isbell in 1931, and Wyatt in 1936. Both also, taking advantage of leaves
of absence have won the Ph.D. degree, Isbell from the University of
Wisconsin in 1931, and Wyatt from the University of Chicago in 1935.
Since 1941-42, Isbell and Black are on leave of absence for the military
service of the nation, during which time Associate Professor W. J. Wyatt
is acting head of the department, and he is assisted by Assistant
Professor John P. Freeman. The teaching fellows in this period have
been: M. A. Williams, 1931-32; R. K. Newton, 1932-33; E. P. Johnson
and K. P. Griffin, 1933-34; J. C. Blalock, 1934-37; E. L. Russell, 1937-
39; J. D. Webb, 1939-41; R. H. Cheek, 1941-42. The registrations
numbered 361 in 1940-41.
In 1930-31 and 1931-32 Professor J. L. Lake and Professor
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