422 History of Wake Forest College
taught in the College, although the department of Biology offers a
course in historic geology, dealing with fossilized plants and
Above it was stated that Professor J. L. Lake was retired in 1932, as
professor emeritus, with an annual stipend of $500. This subject of
retirement allowances had come before the Board on the first annual
report of President Gaines to the Board of Trustees, when he urged
that the Board adopt "a definite system of retirement conditions and
allowances." As the Board took no action on the recommendation
except to appoint a committee to study it, the President returned with
a more urgent statement in his report of 1929, declaring: "In the light
of our peculiar circumstances the problem is acute." The Board again
took no action on the subject, and it was not until June, 1936, that the
Trustees adopted the well considered plan of a committee consisting
of President Kitchin, Bursar Earnshaw and three members of the
Board of Trustees, J. M. Broughton, A. J. Hutchins and E. Y. Webb,
appointed in November, 1935. Under this plan teachers reaching the
age of seventy years within the scholastic year beginning July 1 are
automatically retired at the end of that year on a salary of $100 a
month. The plan went into effect on July 1, 1938,4 when the following
were retired with the rank of professor emeritus: N. Y. Gulley, B. F.
Sledd, J. W. Lynch, and W. R. Cullom, their average age being
seventy-five. A year later, in 1939, J. H.
was retired; and in
1940, G. W. Paschal.
As in nearly all other educational institutions in the United States,
in Wake Forest College the salaries of the faculty were made less by
the great depression which began in 1929 and which continued for
several years, seriously depleting the income of the
3 The University of North Carolina, Duke, and Davidson have each a department
of Geology and Geography.
4 Any of the five teachers who had reached the age of seventy before July 1,
1937, were given the opportunity of retiring at that time, but none took advantage of
Dr. W. L. Poteat, aged 82, was designated for retirement at the same time, but
died a few weeks before commencement.
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