Admission of Women 425
Baptist State Convention meeting in High Point in November, 1942.
The Convention, however, almost unanimously approved the action
of the Board. The session of the College had already opened in
September and forty-seven women students were already
matriculated; perhaps their number would have been greater but for
the uncertainty about the action of the Convention. Because the
dormitory on the Campus designed for them had already been oc-
cupied under a changed plan by the Army Finance School, the greater
number of women students found lodgings in the large Powell
residence on North Main Street. Their coming caused little change in
the routine of college life. On the recommendation of President
Kitchin, Miss Lois Johnson of Thomasville was chosen as Dean of
Women by the Trustees at their meeting in May, 1942. With reference
to her appointment the President said: "I believe in securing Miss
Johnson we will have a person who not only by training and native
ability will be an ideal dean of women but one who in the field of
scholarship will compare favorably with the deans of women in any
school in the country. She attended the Thomasville public school and
the Philadelphia high school; received the B.A. degree from Meredith
College in 1915; taught at Meredith College in 1917-19 and 1922-23;
studied in Paris 1923-24; received the M.A. degree in English from
the University of North Carolina in 1933. She has served as principal
of the Thomasville High School for the past eight years." Her work as
dean during the first year amply justifies the statement of President
Kitchin. She has devoted part of her time to the teaching of French. In
the absence of the regular members of the faculty on leave for
military service other women as mentioned above have taught as
follows: Mrs. W. J. Wyatt, French; Miss Nell Dowtin, Spanish; both
with much satisfaction.
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