430 History of Wake Forest College
from the Campus by North Street, and finding it unprofitable, chose
instead to build a hall with separate apartments specially designed to
accommodate each such a group as a fraternity, and a total of one
hundred students. It was constructed in the fall of 1936 and was ready
for occupation in February, 1937. The cost was about $70,000,
provided from endowment funds and expected to yield six per cent
In the regular session until 1942-43 it was occupied by
fraternity groups, and in the summer by summer school students, but
since August, 1943, by the Army Finance School.
Since the burning of Wingate Memorial Hall in February, 1934, the
College has been without a chapel or any auditorium large enough to
serve for the purpose, but in the pressing need of other college
buildings the construction of a new chapel, though not forgotten, was
necessarily postponed. At the commencement of 1939 a committee of
the alumni came before the meeting of the Trustees and urged that
steps be taken towards the erection of such a building, and in response
the Trustees appointed a committee to suggest plans for a campaign to
raise funds for its construction, which, however, failed to report. Dur-
ing the summer of that year, however, the General Board of the
Baptist State Convention passed a resolution recommending that the
Convention undertake to raise $150,000 (afterwards raised to
$250,000) for the construction of a building at the College which
should serve not only as a chapel but also contain in wings classrooms
for the department of Religion and for general students' activities, and
it was stated that this would be "the first building ever erected on the
Campus of Wake Forest College by the North Carolina Baptist State
Convention." The Trustees, in session at the time of the Convention,
expressed their thanks and started on the campaign for the funds in
accord with the plan suggested by the General Board. The work went
rather slowly at first, but on September 4, 1941, the Trustees meeting
at Wake Forest changed the original plans so as to have two buildings
instead of one, one the chapel proper and the other a
1 Records of the Board of Trustees, June, 1936.
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