The Bowman Gray Fund in Winston-Salem Foundation was created
by a bequest of the late Bowman Gray for the establishment of a four-
year school of medicine in the city of Winston Salem. When a
committee of the University of North Carolina found that under the
terms of the will that institution could not become the recipient of the
bequest and the committee was dissolved, one who had been a
member of it, Mr. O. M. Mull, strongly recommended to those who
had charge of the fund that it be offered to Wake Forest College. This
recommendation was adopted.
A new era in the history of the College began on August 3, 1939,
when, largely through the negotiations of President Kitchin the
resources of the Bowman Gray Foundation amounting to
approximately a million dollars were awarded to Wake Forest College
to be used exclusively for the establishment and support of the
Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest College.
According to the terms of this award the new school is a four-year
medical college, located in Winston-Salem and is a part of the
College, and its affairs are administered by the Trustees of the
College. The terms under which the transfer of the Foundation was
made are indicated in the records of the executive committee of the
Board of Trustees for August 5, 1939. The proposition of the Trustees
of the Foundation, addressed to President Kitchin, were as follows:
We understand that Wake Forest College is interested in expanding its
Medical School from a two-year to a four-year school and desires to have such a four-
year department located in a city where sufficient hospital facilties and clinical material
are available, and in answer to your inquiry as to the possibility of the resources of the
Bowman Gray Fund in Winston-Salem Foundation being made available for your
college in such a development, provided the four-year Medical School is established in
Winston-Salem, and assuming that Wake Forest Col-
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