434 History of Wake Forest College
lege can arrange to use as its college hospital the facilities of the North Carolina
Baptist Hospital located in Winston-Salem, we advise as follows:
With the understanding that the Medical School will be conducted as an integral
part of Wake Forest College, and with the further understanding that all the funds
that may be received from the Bowman Gray Fund in the Winston-Salem
Foundation will be used exclusively for the purposes of buildings and operations of
the School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, the undersigned, authorized under the
will of the late Bowman Gray to designate the use of the above mentioned fund, will
direct the Wachovia Bank and Trust Company as Trustee of the Winston-Salem
Foundation to turn over all the resources of said Bowman Gray Fund to Wake
Forest College for the purposes above enumerated. (Signed) Bowman Gray, Jr.,
Gordon Gray, Nathalie L. Bernard by Gordon Gray, Attorney, James A. Gray.
After full discussion and upon motion of W. Reid Martin, seconded by S. W.
Brewer, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:
Resolved by the Executive Committee of Wake Forest College that the offer and
gift of the Bowman Gray Fund as set forth in the letter of August 3, 1939, to
President Thurman D. Kitchin be and it is accepted subject to the conditions therein
contained. And the Medical School of Wake Forest shall be expanded to a four-year
school to be located at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and conducted as an integral
part of Wake Forest College.
Upon motion of J. M. Broughton it was unanimously voted that the thanks of the
Committee be extended to the members of the Bowman Gray family and
representatives of the estate for their generous gift.
This action of the executive committee was, on November 22,
1939, approved and adopted by the full meeting of the Board.
It is not within the scope of this work to pursue the history of the
School of Medicine (called the School of Medical Sciences first in the
catalogue of 1938) after its removal from Wake Forest. This removal
was effected in the summer of 1941, when the entire faculty (except
the President of the College) and equipment of the School were
transferred to the new quarters already provided in Winston-Salem,
where operations were begun in the four-year school with Dr. C. C.
Carpenter, dean. Doubtless with the aid and advice of President
Kitchin he has secured a faculty, physicians, surgeons, technicians,
each in his own field, second to
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