Religious and Social Life 437
north of Virginia were registered in the College, but that the number
in 1940-41 was 144, sixteen times as
At the same time great
changes have been taking place in the religious affiliation of students.
In 1941-42 of 948 students checked 556, 58 per cent, were Baptists.
The remaining 42 per cent 392, were of other faiths-Methodists, 153;
Presbyterians, 62; Roman Catholics, 42; Episcopal, 30; Lutheran, 14;
Christian-Congregationalists, 11; Hebrew, 6; Moravian, 5; Greek
Catholic, 5; Disciples, 3, etc. The effects of these changes in the
religious and social life of the students will be discussed below.
We have seen that from the earliest years there had been annual
revivals in the Wake Forest Baptist Church which often resulted in
many conversions and baptisms, but after 1930, they continued only a
few years. In 1931, January 6-15, Dr. William Russell Owen of the
First Baptist Church of Asheville preached in a series of meetings, in
the college chapel in the morning and in the church in the evening.
The pastor, Rev. J. A. Easley, reporting the meeting, says the
attendance was good, and that its spirit was good, having been
prepared for by prayer meetings in the town and in the dormitories
and fraternity homes, and undoubtedly a very real spiritual advance
was made by many.2 The name of no student, however, appears in the
list of sixteen professions and the seven received into the church by
baptism after the meeting. The next to come to aid of Pastor Easley in
a series of revival services was Rev. Forrest C. Feezor of the
Tabernacle Baptist Church, Raleigh, who preached for ten days,
March 9-19, 1933. "Large congregations," say the church minutes,
"attended throughout the ten-day period, and it was generally thought
that the church had experienced a real revival."
1 These students were distributed as follows: Connecticut, 3; Delaware, 3;
District of Columbia, 10; Maine, 1; Maryland, 22; Massachusetts, 2; Michigan, 3;
Minnesota, 1; New Jersey, 32; New York, 31; Ohio, 1; Pennsylvania, 33; Rhode
Island, 2. There were 13 others from West Virginia, which belongs to the northern
section of the country religiously and socially.
The number of students from this section by years is as follows: 1929-30, 9;
1930-31, 33; 1931-32, 35; 1932-33, 37; 1933-34, 30; 1934-35, 25; 1935-36, 29;
1936-37, 30; 1937-38, 70; 1938-39, 109; 1939-40, 124; 1940-41, 144.
2 Biblical Recorder, Jan. 21, 1931.
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