36 History of Wake Forest College
was imperatively required. For the latter an extension of each of the
wings of the Lea Laboratory was constructed in 1921-22. In 1925 Mr.
R. S. Prichard was added to the force of instruction with the rank of
full professor; his work was mainly with the courses of the second
year, although both he and Dr. Nowell had courses also in the first
year. In this work he continued until his untimely death, April 6,
1925. With the increase in the force of instruction, Dr. Nowell was
now able to give more attention to courses of advanced work. In
September, 1925, Mr. C. S. Black, a graduate of the College, who had
been instructor in 1919-20, was added as assistant professor, who
later, in 1929, was elevated to the rank of full professor. The number
of students had increased to 308 in 1925-26, and the work was done
with much enthusiasm and thoroughness, so that men trained in
Chemistry in the College were in much demand both as teachers and
in industrial plants. Among those called to work in the latter was Mr.
W. G. Dotson, who after serving as instructor in the College in 1918
became the chief chemist at the great aluminum plant at Badin.
The Physics Department continued under the direction of Professor
James L. Lake, who had come to the College as the first professor of
Physics in September, 1899, and for many years not only conducted
his department but also at times taught classes in mathematics. Until
1920 the quarters of the department of Physics were the two rooms on
the south end of the first floor of Wingate Memorial Hall, the front
room for lectures and the back room for laboratory. Owing to
considerations of space only the most necessary courses were offered.
In that year, however, by the remodeling, all of the ground floor of the
Hall except one lecture room in the northwest corner was given over
to the use of the department of Physics, providing measurably
adequate space for laborary work. At the same time Mr. William
Eugene Speas, a graduate of the college in the class of 1907, was
added as associate professor, a position which he continued to hold
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