438 History of Wake Forest College
Among those who made professions of faith were two students, who
were also among the seventeen baptized into the fellowship of the
church. "The Church, college and community," said pastor Easley in
the Biblical Recorder of April 5, 1933, "all richly profited by the
services and will long remember with gratitude and appreciation the
visit of our beloved brother." The next revival meeting began
February 25, 1934, and continued for eight days, the visiting preacher
being President J. R. Sampey of the Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary, who had held a gracious revival with the church a few
years previously. Writing in the Biblical Recorder of March 7, 1934,
a member of the college faculty said of it: "This last meeting was such
as to give the hearts of God's people great joy. It was a revival indeed,
a revival of real religion and of religious interest and enthusiasm.
There were several conversions, we do not know just how many, but
we have learned during the past years not to expect all the
conversions among the college students to become known during the
progress of a meeting, since confession is often made later. In this
meeting the Wake Forest Church was thronged with larger
congregations than for any other continuous period of like length
since it was built, and the interest, strong at first, grew from day to
day to the very last service. There were scores, perhaps hundreds,
among the students who made public confession of a purpose to live a
purer and more devoted life. Joining with them nearly all in the large
congregations had the love of Jesus Christ renewed in their hearts and
consciences. It was a true revival." Of the nine baptized into the
fellowship of the church after the meeting two were students.
The total of students baptized as an immediate result of all three of
these revivals was only four. Since that time there has been no revival
meeting of the kind indicated in the Wake Forest Baptist Church, and
the number of students who have been received into the church by
baptism in the nine years since the last revival is not more than a half-
3 In recent years there have been series of meetings in periods designated
"Religious Emphasis Week," in which visiting preachers have been the speakers,
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