Religious and Social Life 439
Among the reasons for this is the fact that the thoughts and interests
of so many students have been engrossed in other things to the
exclusion of interest in evangelistic religion. Even among students
who are active members of Baptist Student Union groups, and have
shown some enthusiasm for work as trainers of Boy Scouts, and are
regular in their attendance on Sunday school classes, little concern is
manifested for the winning of their fellow students to Christ, while
the idea is sometimes expressed that it is bigotry to have fixed
religious beliefs, and that one man's religion is about as good as
another's. The great majority of the students are doubtless true to the
faith of the churches from which they come, but they have lost their
aggressiveness; they no longer have what the students of the early
days had, "little Bethels," where they retire to pray for the salvation of
their fellow students.
In bringing about this lessened interest in religion there were
several factors. One has been the practice of students to be absent on
Sunday from the College and from Sunday worship in the local
church, while away on week-end trips to their homes or the homes of
their fellow students. Since it is so easy to "catch rides," an art in
which college students are adept, probably not fewer than one-third of
all the students, differing in personnel from week to week, are away
from Wake Forest on Sundays. There is another group of absentees,
the numerous young ministers who have the care of churches, and
often take with them fellow ministerial students. Still others are
absent attending football games and do not get back until Sunday
evening. There can be no doubt that the absence of so many from the
Sunday morning service of the local church is highly detrimental to
the development of spiritual life among the students. Still another
adverse factor is the absorbing interest of the average student in
intercollegiate athletics-football in the
but these were something different from the revivals of former years. The speakers
have been: Dr. W. N. Johnson, June, 1935; Dr. O. T. Binkley, 1936; Frank H.
Leavell, February, 1937; Dr. O. T. Binkley, and others, 1938; Dr. H. W. Tribble,
1939, 1941; Dr. S. L. Blanton, April, 1940; Dr. G. D. Heaton, 1943.
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