440 History of Wake Forest College
first semester, then basketball until March, then baseball until final
examinations. This interest, however healthy and wholesome in itself,
leaves the average student little time for meditation on matters of
religion, or for interest and activity in religious organizations.
During most of this period the religious life of the students has
suffered from the lack of the missionary stimulus of former years.
From early in the century the Student Volunteer Movement for
Foreign Missions, organized in 1891, was powerful in awakening
missionary zeal among the students of the College, who often had
their representatives at its quadrennial meetings. In Wake Forest as
well as in many other colleges were mission study groups of young
men who, fired with zeal for winning the "World for Christ in This
Generation," had offered themselves as missionaries as soon as a way
should be found, and met every Sunday for mission study. The zeal of
the students was given a new direction, but only intensified, by the
Seventy-five Million Campaign. When, however, the high hopes
raised by the campaign were not realized and it was necessary for the
Foreign Mission Board to recall many of the missionaries already sent
out because of its financial inability to support them, the missionary
enthusiasm of the college students was sorely depressed, and the
religious life of the College suffered in consequence. However signs
of renewed interest in missions are seen. Under the vigorous
administration of Secretary Charles E. Maddry the Foreign Mission
Board has for several years been sending out a few new missionaries
and the students of the colleges are encouraged once again to devote
their lives to missionary service; the Board is free from debt and is
ready to send them to the foreign fields as soon as the war has ended.
The students of the College are again showing readiness to respond to
the appeal, and two of the graduates of this year are only waiting for
the way to open to add their names to the half hundred names of
Wake Forest students of former days who have preached the Gospel
to all
4 There follows a list in alphabetical order of students of the College who
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