Religious and Social Life 441
The chief cause, however, of this decline of interest in evangelistic
Christianity among the students of the College in this period was the
powerful propaganda that began soon after the close of the first World
War and continued until well after the opening of the second, but did
not gain full power among the students of Wake Forest until about
1930. The main thesis of this propaganda as used on college
campuses was that the old type of Christianity, the evangelistic type,
had failed; under its sanctions, Woodrow Wilson, that arch fiend,
according to one lecturer who came to Wake Forest, had led our
country into an unholy war against Germany, with which innocent
country we had no quarrel, which was now suffering from the cruelly
monstrous peace terms imposed by the victors. What good did the war
with its untold horrors, which were duly recounted, do? Wars never
do any good; they are evil and only evil; no Christian can engage in
them or serve as a soldier in them; there is a way to end war; let the
students of the colleges take the lead and pledge themselves never to
serve in a war, or at least in any war that they did not approve, even if
Congress should be
have gone as missionaries to the foreign fields. Following each name is indicated
the year in which the person named left college, and the field in which he labored.
Anders, J. C., M.D., 1922, Africa; Anderson, C. J. F., 1893, Italy; Anderson, J.
T., M.D., 1912, China; Ayers, S. E., M.D., 1921, China; Barnes, S. W., 1905, Cuba;
Blackman, L. E., 1916, China; Blalock, T. L., 1892, China; Bostic, G. P., 1883,
China; Bostic, W. D., 1899, China; Braun, M. L., 1915, China; Britton, T. C., 1886,
China. Chappell, L. N., 1881, China; Crocker, W. E., 1890, China. Dozier, E. B.,
1929, Japan; Gallimore, A. R., 1909, China; Gillespie, A. S., 1926, China; Greene,
G. W., Sr., 1870, China; Greene, G. W., Jr., 1916, China. Herring, D. W., 1882,
China; Herring, G. N., 1913, China; Herring, G. R., 1919, China; Holland, T. C.,
1913, Porto Rico; Hudson, T. J., 1893, China; Hurley, D. T., 1921, Rumania.
Johnson, T. N., 1898, China; Justice, J. M., 1905, Argentina. Leonard, C. A., 1907,
China. McGuire, V. C., 1913, China; McMillan, H. H., 1908, China; Moore, W. D.,
1924, Italy. Newton, C. C., 1870, Africa; Newton, W. C., 1895, China; Nix, W. V.,
1921, Japan; Norwood, E. W., 1921, China. Olive, L. B., 1912, China; Owen, J. C.,
1900, China. Phillips, A. R., 1913, Argentina; Poteat, E. M., Sr., 1881, China;
Poteat, Gordon, 1911, China; Powell, C. L., 1872, Africa; Powell, J. C., 1916,
Africa; Porter, S. J., 1893, Brazil; Rankin, M. T., 1918, China; Rankin, M. W.,
1918, China; Royall, F. M., 1891, China, Palestine; Tatum, E. F., 1887, China;
Tillman, 0. G., 1914, Burma; Turner, E. A., 1907, China. White, P. E., 1919, China;
Woodward, L. T., 1921, China. Yates, M. T., 1846, China.
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