Religious and Social Life 447
anyone imagine that that purpose will be realized as well in an institution that
provides for dancing as in one where the emphasis is on the higher things of the
spirit? As was said above, the grant is only for one year.... Of course, all know that
this means a year of discussion and turmoil in Baptist circles and assemblies in the
State-a thing we regret the necessity for.
Events soon proved that the writer had judged the Baptists
correctly. The Biblical Recorder was swamped with letters by the
hundreds protesting against the introduction of dancing at the College.
A few were received on the other side, four of them from some of the
oldest and most trusted professors in the College. But it was soon
evident that the overwhelming majority of the half million Baptists of
the State were strongly opposed to the action of the Trustees. Early in
August it reached a climax; the denominational cause was suffering in
North Carolina because of it; contributions to the "Cooperative
Program" of the Baptist State Convention were falling off most
seriously; the Baptists of the State were going to have an
understanding about dancing at the College before they did anything
else. In this juncture early in August, Mr. M. A. Huggins, Secretary-
Treasurer of the Convention, called a meeting of leading Trustees and
members of the college faculty and some others in his office in
Raleigh, in which it was agreed that the Board of Trustees would have
a meeting early in September and would reconsider the matter. After
this meeting by agreement, the discussion of it in the Biblical
Recorder was discontinued, and at the time indicated the executive
committee of the Board took the action desired and once more there
was peace.9
At the meeting of the Baptist State Convention, November 1012,
1936, nothing relative to the trouble about dancing got into the
proceedings, though it was the chief topic of discussion among the
delegates on the outside. Caution was taken not to cause
9 For the nature of the discussion see the Biblical Recorder, June 10 to August
12, 1936. On September 20, 1936, the executive committee of the Board received
and granted a request of the student body of the College to withdraw their petition
for permission to have dances at the College, which the committee granted. No
further action was thought necessary by the full
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