Faculty and Officers 37
during the remainder of President Poteat's administration, being
granted a leave of absence for 1926-27. With these additions in
equipment and teaching force great improvement was made in the
work of the department, the number of courses being increased from
two in 1920-21 to eight in 1925-26, among them several courses of
advanced work. In addition this department took care of the teaching
of astronomy, beginning with the year 192324, with Professor Speas
as instructor.
The department of Latin continued under the direction of Professor
J. B. Carlyle until his death, July 10, 1911. During the years 1907-11,
while he was engaged in raising endowment and building funds for
the College, the greater part of the work of the department was done
by Dr. Paschal. After Carlyle's death Dr. Hubert M. Poteat was
chosen as his successor. He was a graduate of the College in the class
of 1906, and for two years, 1906-08, had served as instructor in Latin.
He did not assume the duties of the place until 1912, the work of the
department for 1911-12 being conducted by Dr. Paschal, who
continued to assist in the work until late in this period. Dr. Poteat
brought to his classes a large degree of enthusiasm as well as
extensive knowledge of the whole field of Latin language and
literature and Roman history and social life. His chief addition to the
work was a greater use of a lecture course, for which the registrations
are always large. Although the tendencies of the times are hostile to
the study of Latin, and for many years it has been the policy of those
in charge of the high school curriculum of the State to discourage all
except the. most elementary high school work in any foreign
language, and especially Latin, yet the registrations for courses in
Latin were high at Wake Forest in comparison with like registrations
in other institutions. In 1925-26, including those taking the lecture
course, they numbered 91. Dr. Poteat has made valuable contributions
to the study of Latin by editing a number of Latin texts for the use of
students in colleges and universities, all of
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