The Army Finance School 453
been no suggestion of friction. Under the command of Lieut. Col.
Alfred E. R. Howarth and his able corps of subordinates the Army
Finance School has been characterized by good will and gentlemanly
behavior. The relations of the members of the School with the people
of the town have been as pleasant. The marching and maneuvering
soldiers furnish a perpetual delight for the older women, white and
colored, and for little children. The coming of the WACS, about 40 in
number, in August, 1943, added a new interest. The girls of the town
have had more sweethearts than ever before, and several marriages
and more engagements to marry have resulted. The Army Finance
School men are well liked in Wake Forest, even though sometimes as
they march to their early breakfast, obeying the order of a mis-
chievous sergeant to "Wake up the natives," they have counted "One-
Two-Three-Four" loudly enough to disturb the sweet morning
slumbers of persons on the edge of town.
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