Donations and Bequests 455
class of 1891, $25,000; of Charles F. Hopper of the class of 1890, and
widow, $20,000; the Jennie Mays Wilson Fund, $8,212.84; the Oliver
B. and Caroline Revell Memorial Fund, one-fourth of estate, the exact
amount not yet determined, but yielding several hundred dollars a
year, for the benefit of ministerial students.
Other donations that have come in this period are the Thomas J.
Stephenson Memorial Fund, $5,000, used to provide an endowment
for the upkeep of the laboratory of the department of Physiology; the
Peacock endowment, $500; the George Davis Law Library Fund,
$100; the W. T. J. Spence annuity, turned into the endowment on the
death of Mrs. Spence, $1,000; gift from Nannie S. Chamblee, $1,000;
the G. E. Roop property, $1,800. For the department of Philosophy
Dr. B. W. Spilman had provided an endowment of $4,000, and funds
for its other furnishing and equipment. Account has already been
taken of the large gifts of Mr. Henry L. Groves and others of the
Groves family amounting to about $40,000, most of which was for the
specific purpose of providing grounds for athletic sports, and of the
many and large donations of Mr. Claude Gore and members of the
Gore family, some of which came in this period.
Other gifts were intended to establish scholarships and loan funds
for students. Among these was that of Mr. T. C. Council, which
beginning with $1,000 has been increased from year to year; the Edna
Tyner Langston Memorial fund, to yield $165 a year, to pay the
tuition and fees of some student; the Frank P. Powers fund, $700, to
provide loans to students who are orphans; the Lt. Robt. C. Wells
scholarship fund, $1,200. Other scholarships of $2,000 each were
provided in the years of the 75 million campaign by E. F. Aydlett
(two), E. J. Britt, M. L. Jones, S. McIntyre and J. I. Miller.
In the chapter on the School of Medicine some account was given
of the funds for the endowment of the library of that school-first, the
W. E. Marshall Fund of $1,259, and three other funds of $500 each,
the B. S. Bazemore, the Mrs. A. E. Tate, and the A. B. Peacock funds-
a total of $2,750. In the
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