456 History of Wake Forest College
chapter on the General Library some account was given of those who
in recent years have made large donations of books to it, to which the
reader is referred.
In 1941 the Library of the College was the recipient of a gift of
books which may truly be described as princely. This was the
collection of Dr. Charles Lee Smith of the class of 1884, of whom
frequent mention has already been made in this work. Even in his
days as a student of the College he was already much interested in
literary production and himself, as associate editor of the Biblical
Recorder, a vigorous and able writer. In 1886 he went as a pioneer
student from the State and fellow in history to the Johns Hopkins
University, where after three years he received the degree of Doctor
of Philosophy. From 1889 to 1891 he was instructor and lecturer in
that institution, where he enjoyed close association with such able
men as Herbert B. Adams, the head of the department of History, and
Dr. Woodrow Wilson, then a teacher in the same department. His
dissertation, The History of Education in North Carolina, was the
second in a series of monographs, the first being by Adams himself,
on the history of education in the various states, which were edited by
Adams and published by the United States Bureau of Education. In
recommending Smith's monograph for publication Commissioner N.
H. R. Dawson said: "It is an original and valuable contribution, and
deserves to be widely read." It seems to have been the first doctoral
dissertation ever written by a student from North Carolina, and
remains one of the best, while in many respects it is the best history of
education in North Carolina yet produced. After leaving Baltimore
Dr. Smith had a distinguished career as professor of history and
political economy in William Jewell College, Missouri, where he
remained until 1905; in this time he was often called upon to address
important meetings of those interested in political and sociological
subjects. In 1905 he was called to the presidency of Mercer
University, Macon, Georgia, but continued in it only one year. Then
he came to Raleigh and became proprietor and head of the Edwards &
Broughton Company which he reorganized and has made one of the
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