Donations and Bequests 457
in the entire country. The good quality of its printing, especially of
books, has done much to stimulate literary production in North
Carolina. Soon after his coming to Raleigh the authorities of the
University of North Carolina in recognition of his experience in
higher education and business ability made him a member of their
board of trustees and appointed him to a place on their building
committee. In 1906, his alma mater conferred on him the degree of
Doctor of Laws. For many years Dr. Smith regularly spent his
vacations in Europe. Naturally, being a publisher himself, his interest
led him to the bookstores and antiquarian shops of the countries he
visited and into friendly relations with those who like himself loved
books. He was soon making a collection of his own, a work in which
he has continued to the present. With his knowledge of the literatures
of several languages and his discriminating judgment of books he has
kept informed from catalogues of old book stores and in other ways of
the whereabouts of desirable books, and on his visits to Europe has
found and examined and often purchased them. In this way, on his
yearly rounds, he has been adding to his collection many of the finest
and rarest editions of good books published in England and other
countries of the Old World. To them he has added many of the best-
made books of America. He has made a collection that compares
favorably with the best private collections in America or in the world.
It is invaluable; some estimate that another such could not be
assembled for fifty thousand dollars, probably not at all, for the
number of rare and well-made books, many of them the finest
examples of the bookmakers art, such as are found in this collection,
is limited. It is this library, to the assembling of which Dr. Smith has
devoted his time and talent, that he has given the College. It is
planned to keep it intact in a room specially designed for it in the new
library soon to be built on the College Campus.
Dr. Smith's interest in this collection and its preservation and use is
indicated in the following statement from him:
"President Kitchin, it gives me pleasure to welcome to my library
you and the members of your faculty, who honor me by
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