Donations and Bequests 459
character which entitles them to be recognized as discriminating
"There are many avenues of pleasure open to the bibliophile but
nothing delights him more than to secure a rare book of exceptional
association interest-a presentation copy from a great author to a
distinguished friend, or a volume from a famous scholar's library with
his bookplate and marginal annotations. The satisfaction of possession
is enhanced if the book was printed on paper of superior quality and
beautifully bound in finest leather. An aesthetic lover of books is
conscious of a most pleasurable thrill when reading the pages of such
a treasure. Just here let me say, that few things in life have given me
as much pleasure as collecting books, and when this library passes
into the keeping of my alma mater, I can ask no greater reward than to
be remembered as one of her devoted sons and as an ardent
bibliophile, who, through many years and in many countries,
personally selected these volumes.
"Beginning with an incunabulum published seven years before
Columbus discovered America, you will find on these shelves
volumes printed by the master makers of books, illustrated by famous
artists, bound by great binders and carrying dates from the fifteenth
century to the present time. A large number have the bookplates of
distinguished men, and many are first editions inscribed by authors.
"With the gift of my library, I am including my autograph
collection consisting of manuscripts, documents, and letters. The
College has guaranteed to perpetually keep the autograph collection
and the books safely in a separate, suitably furnished room connected
with the general library.
"Until the College has completed the necessary preparations to
receive this gift and until deliveries can be made under the terms of
our agreement, no transfers are to be made. The agreement covering
this matter has been signed by me and by the authorized
representatives of the College, but it is desired and requested that no
public announcement be made at this time."
Another donation that came to the College in these years,
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