Donations and Bequests 461
death, should in some way become the nucleus of a large and growing
art museum, the cultural value of which would increase constantly
through the years. This, I was pleased to find, was exactly what he
wanted and had definitely planned for, if only I would consent to the
transfer of this collection to Wake Forest College. With this purpose
and destination for it, I found it comparatively easy to make the self-
denial of parting with it whenever it should be called for at Wake
Forest, and so President Kitchin left here with my definite promise,
and today the actual transfer is being made."
The collection was placed in the Johnson Medical Building, but is
later to be moved to a gallery specially provided for it in a new
building. It was publicly presented to the College at the
Commencement of 1941 by Dr. Simmons in person. It is now often
visited, and is under the care of Associate Professor A. L. Aycock,
instructor in art in the college.
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