In recent years there has been manifest an increasing interest in the
College among its alumni and friends, which gives good promise for
the future. Hardly a year passes in which such gifts are not received.
There is a continuing corps of those who give to support athletics at
the College, but there are numerous other givers whose purpose is to
stimulate the students to aspiration for high attainments in scholarship
or literary production. Such gifts usually take the form of medals or
prizes. Several of these have already been mentioned.
One, the Hubert A. Royster Scholarship and Athletic Medal was
established in 1912, and may be regarded as permanent, since Dr.
Royster has indicated his purpose to leave an endowment fund to
continue it. It is given annually to that member of the graduating class
who of competitors in intercollegiate contests has made the highest
average in scholarship in his entire college course. Dr. Royster has
rendered many services to the College, of which some account has
been given in several other chapters. This medal, however, is
characteristic of him; an athlete himself, a member of the College's
first baseball and football teams and among the three first men in his
class in scholarship he would have won his own medal had it been
established before his graduation in 1891. Believing in a "sound mind
in a sound body," he has often made hygienic lectures to the students;
he has been outspoken in his advocacy of "pure athletics," and it is to
stimulate the best men mentally among the students to take an active
interest in manly sports that he gives the medal. That the medal is
accomplishing its purpose will be evident to any one who will read
the list of winners in the
1 WINNERS OF THE ROYSTER MEDAL: 1912. D. S. Kennedy; 1913. D. F.
Mayberry; 1914. R. J. Hart; 1915. C. W. Carrick; 1916. W. A. Harris; 1917. I. E.
Carlyle; 1918. J. A. McKaughan; 1919. F. A. Blanchard; 1920. F. C. Feezor; 1921.
C. F. Gaddy; 1922. C. H. Pinner; 1932. G. B. Heckman; 1924. M. G.
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