Some Forward Steps 463
Through the years the desire had often been expressed, especially
by the students, that a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, a scholarship
society, or fraternity, be established at the College, but no serious
effort was made to secure it, until Assistant Professor C. P. West, who
had attained membership while a student of Boston College, took an
active interest in the matter. In order to recommend the College as an
institution for membership, in the spring of 1939, he compiled a
"General Report of Wake Forest College," setting forth in detail facts
about the equipment, endowment and income of the College;
curriculum, faculty and standing in the scholastic world. On the basis
of it the College was accepted for membership at the Phi Beta Kappa
national meeting of September,
The installation of the Wake Forest chapter, Delta, the fourth North
Carolina chapter, was on January 13, 1941. Members of the Wake
Forest faculty who were already members were: C. P. West, H. M.
Poteat, Samuel Fielden, N. C. Giddins, and J. H. Gorrell of Wake
Forest; and three members of the faculty of the Bowman Gray School
of Medicine: Dr. William Fleming, Dr. Frederick Taylor, and Dr.
William Allen. At the organization nineteen foundation members,
alumni of the College, men of considerable attainment in recognized
ability and pursuits of a scholarly nature, were added, of whom there
were present J. H. Simmons, T. J. Simmons, H. A. Royster, A. C.
Reid, Charles Lee Smith, G. W. Paschal, T. H. Briggs, Carl
Murchison, C. C. Crittenden, H. B. Jones, C. B. Earp, E. E. Folk, T.
D. Kitchin, O. T. Binkley; those not present were: Claudius
Murchison, Gerald Johnson, C. T. Goode, W. H. Vann, R. L. Paschal.
A limited number of other alumni are added year by year. The
Stamey; 1925. Peter Pagano; 1926. L. B. Martin; 1927. W. E. Daniel, Jr.; 1928. R.
L. Henry; 1929. B. E. Scarborough; 1930. H. P. Allen; 1931. J. L. Dupree; 1932. W.
A. Green; 1933. J. E. Peters; 1934. H. J. Malloy; 1935.
W. A. Herring; 1936. None; 1937. J. P. Sheppard; 1938. F. A. Glass; 1939. J. I.
Waller, Jr.; 1940. E. S. Woolbert; 1941. F. J. Eason; 1942. H. B. Cline, Jr.; 1943.
W. B. Primm.
2 Professor West's compilation is a valuable document, being an excellent
compend of information about the College as it was when made. A copy is in the
Library of the College.
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