Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 469
B. F. Sledd, M.A., Litt.D., Professor 1894-1938; Professor
Emeritus, till death, January 4, 1940. Classes in English from January,
1893, till September 1894, taught by Professor Sledd. R. P.
McCutcheon, M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Acting Professor,
1914-16; Professor, 1922-25.
H. B. Jones, M.A., Ph.D., Professor, since 1924.
F. P. Gaines, M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D., Professor, 1927-30. E. B.
Morton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, 1910-11. J. P. Hubbell, M.A.,
Associate Professor, 1911-14.
E. W. Sydnor, M.A., Associate Professor of English and German,
S. A. Derieux, M.A., Associate Professor, 1917-18. C. A. Rouse,
Associate Professor, 1919-24.
E. H. Henderson, M.A., Associate Professor, 1920-21. C. P.
Weaver, Ph.D., Associate Professor, 1922-23.
E. E. Folk, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 1936-37; Associate
Professor, since 1937.
J. R. Quisenberry, M.A., Th.D., Assistant Professor, 1925-27
Associate Professor, 1937 till death, June 24, 1936.
A. L. Aycock, M.A., Instructor, 1928-31; Assistant Professor, since
Guy S. Cardwell, Ph.D., Instructor, 1936-37; Assistant Professor,
M. L. Griffin, M.A., Ph.D., Instructor, 1932-41 (absent on leave,
1936-38, 1940-41); Assistant Professor, since 1942.
D. A. Brown, B.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, since 1941.
Instructors: W. L. Vaughan, M.A., 1906-07; H. F. Page, B.A.,
1907-09; F. T. Holden and R. L. McMillan, B.A., 1909-10; F. C.
Smith and H. B. Conrad, 1910-11; C. M. McCurry, 1918-19; Henry
Belk, B.A., 1923-25; R. P. Marshall, M.A., 1926-27; M. Johnson
Hagood, M.A., since 1935; Zon Robinson, B.S., 1936-41 (absent
1939-40); G. E. Copple, M.A., 1938-40.
Teaching Fellows: L. A. Peacock, B.A., 1925-26; E. L. Roberts,
B.A., 1925-26; J. C. Covington, B.A., 1926-27; L. B. Hager, B.A.,
1931-33; G. C. Grubb, B.A., M.A., 1934-35; J. C. Drake, B.A., 1940-
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