Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 473
H. A. Jones, M.A., Instructor, 1908-11; Associate Professor, 1911-
15; Professor, since 1915.
E. G. Beckwith, M.A., Assistant Professor, 1888 till death, June 25,
W. J. Ferrell, B.A., Assistant Professor, 1892-98.
John F. Lanneau, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Physics and Applied
Mathematics, 1890-99; Professor of Applied Mathematics and
Astronomy, 1899, till death, March 5, 1921.
J. L. Lake, Professor of Physics, taught some classes in Mathe-
matics, from 1899 until 1917.
J. G. Carroll, M.A., Assistant Professor, 1920-21, Associate
Professor, since 1921.
F. G. Dillman, Graduate of U. S. Military Academy, Assistant
Professor, 1922-26.
K. T. Raynor, M.A., Instructor, 1926-29; Assistant Professor, since
Instructors: E. B. Earnshaw, B.A., 1906-07; W. H. Vann, B.A.,
1906-08; H. A. Jones, B.A., 1908-11; A. B. Ray, B.A. (App. Math.),
1910-11; A. C. Warlick, 1913-14; J. P. Mull, 1914-15; W. G. Dotson,
B.S., 1915-17; F. W. Carroll, B.A., 1917-18; I. K. Stafford, 1918-20;
H. T. Shanks, B.A., 191920; R. L. Gay, B.S., M.S., since 1932.
Assistants: J. C. McNeill, B.A., 1898-99; Cola Castello, B.A. (App.
Math.), 1911-12; R. C. Smith, 1911-12; M. D. Phillips, Jr. (App.
Math.), 1912-14; E. L. Ward (App. Math.), 1914-15; J. M. Kesler
(App. Math.), 1915-16; W. E. Jordan, W. F. Taylor (App. Math.),
1916-17; J. D. Cowan (App. Math.), 1917-18; J. S. Johnson, 1921-23;
C. P. Brooks, and R. S. Earp, 1923-24; D. H. Harris, 1924-25; E. 0.
Burroughs, 1925-26; T. B. Carraway and L. B. Spencer, 1926-27; J.
C. Casper and J. P. Phifer, 1927-28; H. L. Hall and M. R. Sprinkle,
1928-29; R. D. Davis and W. F. Blackmore, 1929-30; C. P. Green and
J. A.. Lineberry, 1930-31; W. F. Blackmore and J. A. Lineberry,
1931-32; E. L. Davis, Hoyle Lee, and J. A. Malloy, 1932-33; M. H.
Clayton, M. D. Freeman, J. A. Malloy, 1933-34; P. P. Sholar, M. H.
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