474 History of Wake Forest College
Clayon, T. C. Council, J. F. Parrish, 1934-35; J. O. Rich and P. P.
Sholar, 1935-37; D. F. Jordan and J. W. Sawyer, 1937-38.
Until 1883 Applied Mathematics was not a separate department.
The School of Applied Mathematics was combined with the School of
Physics until September, 1899; from 1883 until 1889 the subjects of
that School had been scheduled under the School of Mathematics;
after the death of Professor Lanneau the School of Applied
Mathematics was merged with that of Pure Mathematics.
MODERN LANGUAGES---French, German, Spanish
W. H. Owen, M.A., Professor of Greek, Latin, and French, 1843-
1858; J. H. Foote, M.A., Professor of Greek, taught French also,
William Royall, M.A., D.D., Professor of Latin, taught German
also, 1859-70; also French, 1866-70.
C. E. Taylor, B.Litt., D.D., LL.D., Assistant Professor of Latin and
German, 1870-71; Professor 1871-84.
W. B. Royall, M.A., D.D., Professor of Greek and French, 1871-80.
William Royall, M.A., D.D., Professor (including English), 1880-
B. F. Sledd, M.A., Litt.D., Professor, 1884-94.
J. H. Gorrell, Ph.D., Professor, 1894-1939; Professor Emeritus,
1939 till death, March 28, 1942.
C. D. Johns, M.A., Associate Professor of Political Science, taught
some classes in German, 1914-16.
E. W. Sydnor, M.A., Associate Professor of English and German,
W. I. Crowley, B.A., Associate Professor, 1924-25.
H. D. Parcell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French, 1935-38;
Associate Professor, since 1938.
I. S. Goodman, Ped.B., Assistant Professor, 1921-22.
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