Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 475
P. H. Wilson, M.A., Instructor in French, 1919-20; Assistant
Professor, 1922-35.
J. A. Thompson, B.A., Instructor, 1926; Assistant Professor of
Spanish, 1928-29.
C. A. Seibert, M.A., Instructor in French, 1929-33; Assistant
Professor, 1934-40. Absent on leave, 1936-37.
W. C. Archie, M.A., Teaching Fellow, 1933-34; Instructor in
French, 1935-40; Assistant Professor, since 1940. On leave of
absence, 1939-40.
N. C. Giddings, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 1938-41.
Robt. Browning, B.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German, since
Miss Lois Johnson, A.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of French,
since 1942.
Instructors: R. J. Hart, in German, 1913-14; J. W. Vann, in German,
1913-14; A. C. Reid, B.A., in French, 1917-18; T. M. Uzzle, in
German, 1917-18; R. H. Cru, B.esL., Ph.B., L.esL., in French, 1931-
32; P. D. Berry, B.A., Teaching Fellow, 1935-37; Instructor in
German, since 1937; J. F. Cook, M.A., Instructor in German, 1939-
41; Mrs. Kathryn Wyatt, B.A., M.A., Instructor in French, since 1942;
Miss Nell Dowtin, B.A., M.A., Instructor in Spanish, since 1942.
Teaching Fellows: F. A. Hemphill, B.A., in German, 1935-37; John
Conley, in French, 1942-43. Assistants: K. T. Raynor, 1913-14; W. S.
Burleson, 1914-16; J. A. Bivens, 1916-17; F. D. Garcia in Spanish,
1916-18; B. C. Booe, 1923-24; C. B. Earp, 1923-25; M. T. Spier,
1923-24; J. C. Covington, 1924-25; R. E. Plemmons, 1925-26; A. M.
Jackson, 1926-27; T. D. Kitchin, Jr., 1927-28; T. V. Hackney and S.
N. Parker, 1928-29; G. B. Snuggs, 1929-30; J. F. Matthews, 1932-33;
M. W. Floyd, 1933-35; D. Weatherman, 1934-35; D. A. Holton,
1935-36; J. E. Lawrence, 1936-38; H. F. Johnson, 1937-38.
Dr. H. M. Poteat taught three sections of French in the fall of 1918,
while the S.A.T.C. was at the College.
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