476 History of Wake Forest College
L. H. Seynour, Acting Director, 1838-39.
Donald L. Pfohl, B.M., Director, 1939 till death, September 16,
Thane E. McDonald, Mus.B., Mus.M., Director of Music, since
PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Physical Culture, 1889-1916)
T. S. Sprinkle, B.Litt., Director, 1889-91.
E. W. Sikes, Director, 1891-94, and 1897-1904. The Gymnasium
classes, 1900-03, were trained by Professor C. C. Crittenden. Walters
Durham, B.A., Director, 1894-95. T. H. Briggs, 1895-96.
W. W. Woodhouse, Assistant, 1895-99.
J. R. Crozier, 1904-17.
E. T. MacDonnell, Director and Coach of Football, 1918-19. I. E.
Carlyle, Director, 1918-19.
W. E. Jordan, B.S., Instructor in Military Tactics, 1917-18. H. L.
Langston, Director, 1919-23.
P. M. Utley, Director of Athletics, 1922-23; Director of
Gymnasium, since 1923; Associate Professor of Physical Education,
since 1938.
Henry Garrity, B.A., Director of Athletics, 1923-26.
James Baldwin, Director of Athletics, 1926-28.
S. B. Cofall, LL.B., Director of Athletics, 1928-29.
Frank S. Miller, B.A., Assistant Coach, 1928-29; Acting Director of
Athletics, 1929-30; Director in Athletics, 1930-33. James H. Weaver,
B.S., Director of Athletics, since 1933; Professor of Physical
Education, since 1938.
D. C. Walker, B.A., Head Football Coach, since 1937; Assistant
Professor of Physical Education, since 1938.
R. S. Hayes, B.S., Freshman Coach, 1924-26; Assistant Coach,
Charles F. Lingle, Freshman Coach, 1926-28.
F. B. Emmerson, LL.B., Assistant Coach, 1927-33.
John C. Caddell, Baseball Coach, 1929 till death, July 5, 1940.
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