Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 477
J. P. Boylin, LL.B., B.A., Graduate Manager of Athletics, 1930-31.
M. C. Greason, LL.B., Assistant Coach, since 1933; Assistant
Professor, since 1938.
Herman Hickman, Assistant Coach, 1935-37.
Thomas Rogers, B.A., Assistant Coach and Instructor, 1938-41.
A. A. Dowtin, LL.B., Alumni Secretary, since 1931; Instructor,
since 1938.
Erskine Walker, Assistant Coach, and Instructor, since 1940.
Assistants: W. W. Woodhouse, 1895-99; D. W. Arnette, 1905-06;
Oscar Creech, 1906-07; V. F. Hamrick, 1907-08; L. L. Tilley, 1908-
09; J. E. Kinlaw, 1909-10; E. B. Jenkins, 1910-11; O. W. Sawyer,
1911-14; C. F. Smith, 1914-15; Lee Parker, 1915-16; H. L. Langston,
1916-17; E. C. Robinson, 1917-18; D. E. Hill, 1918-19; E. F. Pope,
1920-21; R. C. Mullen, 1921-22; T. G. Proctor, Jr., and W. F.
Peacock, Jr., 1922-23; W. F. Peacock, Jr., 1923-24; H. W. Coward
and R. L. Pugh, 1924-25; H. Bridges and J. D. Hamrick, 1925-27; J.
D. Brown, Jr., and J. B. Trogdon, 1927-28; S. R. Moore, Jr., and J. B.
Trogdon, 1928-29; S. R. Moore, Jr., and R. E. Kinsey, 1929-30; S. R.
Moore, Jr., and E. B. Parker, 1930-31; W. H. Glenn and R. C.
Johnson, 1931-33; J. A. Daughtridge and B. D. Howard, 1933-34; J.
A. Daughtridge, 1934-36; J. H. Copeland, and M. B. Jones, 1936-37;
D. M. Harris and M. E. Reynolds, 1937-38.
(Natural Philosophy until 1856;
Natural Science, 1858-88).
J. B. White, M.A., Professor, 1837-49.
W. G. Simmons, M.A., LL.D., Professor, 1855-88.
W. H. Michael, M.A., Professor of Physics and Applied Mathe-
matics, 1888-90.
J. F. Lanneau, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Physics and Applied
Mathematics, 1890-99.
J. L. Lake, M.A., Professor of Physics, 1899-1932; Professor
Emeritus, since 1932.
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