Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 479
Munn, 1930-31; T. C. Brown and S. L. Morgan, Jr., 1931-32; A. V.
Washburn, 1932-33; A. K. Cheek, 1933-34; Falk Johnson, 1935-36; J.
D. Beale, 1936-37; R. T. Howerton, 1937-38.
(Bible until June, 1928)
W. R. Cullom, M.A., Th.M., D.D. Professor, 1896-1938 (on leave
of absence, 1918-20); Professor Emeritus, since 1938.
F. K. Pool, B.A., M.A., Th.M., Acting Professor, 1918-20. J. W.
Lynch, M.A., D.D., Professor, 1923-38; Professor Emeritus, 1938 till
death, May 23, 1940.
O. T. Binkley, Th.B., B.D., Ph.D., Professor, since 1938. J. A.
Easley, B.A., Th.M., D.D., Professor, since 1938. G. A. Carver, B.A.,
Instructor, 1941-42.
(History, Political Science)
The subjects in this department were taught by the professors of
Moral Philosophy until June, 1885; for the teachers until that time see
under that department. The School of Political Science first appears in
the catalogue of 1885-86. Since that time the instructors have been as
C. E. Taylor, B.Litt., Professor of Moral Philosophy and History,
1885-94, with E. W. Sikes listed as Assistant Professor, 1892-94; N.
Y. Gulley, M.A., Professor of Law and Political Science, 1895-97,
with Professor B. F. Sledd listed also in 1894-95.
J. H. Gorrell, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages, but listed as
teacher of Political Economy in 1896-97; he had taught classes in the
department in 1893-95.
E. W. Sikes, Ph.D., Professor, 1897-1916.
C. C. Pearson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, 1916-17; Professor,
since 1917. Absent on leave, 1925-26.
C. D. Johns, M.A., Associate Professor, 1914-16. C. P. Gosnell,
M.A., Associate Professor, 1920-21.
C. J. Whelan, M.A., Assistant Professor, 1925-26; Associate
Professor, 1926-30.
L. Owens Rea, Ph.D., Associate Professor, since 1931.
E. L. Newmarker, M.A., Assistant Professor, 1921-23.
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