480 History of Wake Forest College
C. B. Cheney, B.A., Assistant Professor, 1923-25.
F. W. Clonts, M.A., Instructor, 1922-24; Assistant Professor, since
T. C. Johnson, Jr., M.A., Assistant Professor, 1927-28.
C. P. West, M.A., Instructor, 1928-33; Assistant Professor, since
R. R. Herling, M.A., Assistant Professor, 1930-31.
Instructors: R. P. Burns, B.A., 1919-20; F. W. Clonts, B.A., 1922-
24; C. P. Greaves, M.A., 1924-25; G. R. Sherrill, M.A., 1925-26;
Cecil Johnson, M.A., 1926-27; C. G. G. Moss, M.A., 1927-28; H. M.
Stroupe, M.A., Ph.D., since 1937.
Teaching Fellow: H. M. Stroupe, B.A., Ph.D., 1935-37; Instructor,
1937; Graduate Student, Duke University, 1939-40; Assistant
Professor, since 1941.
Assistants: M. L. Davis, B.A., 1905-06; S. R. Edwards, B.A., 1906-
07 J. F. Justice, 1907-08; F. T. Collins, 1908-09; W. B. Hampton,
1909-10; C. T. Murchison and R. A. Sullivan, 1910-11; S. C. Gettys
and J. C. Jones, 1911-12; D. F. Mayberry, B. F. McLeod, and W. A.
Young, 1912-13; R. H. Taylor, Lloyd Griffin, C. H. Johnson, C. W.
Mitchell, Jr., and B. F. Giles, 191314; C. C. Russ 1915-17; W. M.
Lovelace, 1917-18; F. W. Clonts, 1918-19; C. C. Crittenden, 1921-22;
George Bauerlein, 1925-26; J. T. Tanner, 1926-27 Moody Bridges
and S. R. Moore, Jr., 1930-31; M. C. Russell, H. H. Deaton, and G.
W. Reams, 1931-32; F. W. Haywood, Z. R. Robinson, B. H. Wall,
1932-33; B. B. Flowers, and A. F. Hamrick, 1933-34; J. B. Pittman,
R. 0. Poplin, and W. I. Wyatt, 1934-35; C. H. Lovell, 1935-36; E. S.
Best, Jr., J. S. Ezell, and Herbert Jenkins, 1936-37; F. E. Bunn, C. W.
Everett, J. S. Ezell, 1937-38.
From 1834 till 1888 among the members of the faculty were tutors.
These were usually appointed by the trustees but sometimes, by
permission of the Board, by the faculty. With exceptions noted all had
won the degree of Bachelor of Arts, either of Wake Forest College or
some other college or university.
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