Faculty, 1834 to June 1943 481
Though often appointed as tutors of some special subject, like Greek
or Mathematics, they generally taught any subject they were able to
teach, and in sub-collegiate classes.
Alban H. Hart, 1835-36; H. L. Graves, 1835-37; H. A. Wilcox,
1836-37; E. W. West, 1841-42; W. T. Brooks, 1843-46; S. S.
Satchwell, no degree, 1846-47; Archibald McDowell, 1847-48; W. T.
Walters, 1849-52; W. P. Mangum, Jr., 1849-50; Benjamin Justice,
1850-52; John Mitchell, January to June, 1852, graduated June, 1852;
J. H. Foote, 1853-54; R. P. Jones, 1854-55; T. H. Pritchard, graduated
June, 1854,1853-54; B. F. Cole, June, 1856 till death, December 13,
1856; W. H. Jordan, Jr., 1856-57; T. J. Foote, 1857-58; R. H. Marsh,
1858-59; S. P. Smith, 1858-59; W. B. Royall, 1866; J. C.
Scarborough, 1869-71; C. H. Martin, Jr., 1872-74; L. W. Bagley,
1875-77; W. L. Poteat, 1878-80; N. Y. Gulley, undergraduate, 1878-
79; C. W. Scarborough, 1879-82; C. H. Martin, B.Ph., 1881-82; E. E.
Hilliard, 1882-83; E. G. Beckwith, 1883-84; W. F. Marshall, B.Litt.,
1883-84; L. N. Chappell, 1884-86; E. G. Beckwith,
The list of instructors in the School of Medicine and the School of
Law are given in the special chapters devoted to those schools, and
are not repeated here.
Since December, 1941, the following members of the faculty have
taken service in the Army and Navy of the United States C. S. Black,
Nevill Isbell, Sherwood Githens, H. D. Parcell, W. C. Archie, Robert
Browning, P. D. Berry, M. J. Hagood, H. M. Stroupe.
The list of tutors given in the General Catalogue, pages 18-20, is not complete.
In that list are found the names of several who though appointed did not serve while
tutors appointed by the faculty did not seem to have been listed in it.
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