This volume is on of the same general plan as Volume II, but the
appendices which were added to several of the chapters have been
grouped at the end rather than placed each at the end of the chapter to
which it belongs, as was done in Volume II. They contain much
information, assembled at the cost of much labor, but they will serve
their purpose as well at the end of the volume as elsewhere.
With this third volume I bring to completion my history of the
College. I had contemplated bringing it down only to 1905, the close
of the administration of President Taylor, because I feared that I
should not have sufficient perspective of the events of more recent
years, but on request I have brought it down to date. In the last two
volumes, however, I have felt it necessary to omit the evaluation of
the work of individual alumni, since many of them are still living and
their work not yet finished.
The reader will find in all the volumes many details, some of which
he may regard as inconsequential, but the writer has regarded them as
necessary for a complete picture of the College for those primarily
interested in it-trustees, faculty, students, alumni, and friends. In
attention to details, however, he has taken care to record in sufficient
fullness, for proper understanding and interpretation, an account of
the more important concerns that have been determinative of the life
and influence of the College in its relations to all who have had a part
in its conduct or who have been touched by it, and to indicate its
wider influence on the religious, educational, social and political life
of the Baptist denomination and the State.
The writer makes no apology for the fact that he has not kept out of
the pages of the three volumes some indication of his own absorbing
interest in the story; nor does he regret that he has not altogether
concealed his enthusiasm as he has sought to tell of the service and
progress and usefulness of the College; and he is content that he lets
appear now and then his admiration for
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