Faculty and Officers 45
his absence the work of the department and of the summer school had
been under charge of Dr. D. B. Bryan, a graduate of the University of
North Carolina in the class of 1911, who came to the College in
September, 1921, as acting professor, and was made full professor in
1922. Professor Hunter on his return in September, 1922, continued as
head of the department, and with the collaboration of Dr. Bryan
offered courses greater in number and variety than had before been
possible, each teaching those subjects in which he was most
interested. While the Summer School of 1922 was in progress with
Professor Hunter as director, he was called away to assume the
presidency of Cullowhee Normal and Industrial School, which under
his administration has developed into Western North Carolina
Teachers College, one of the most useful of our State Institutions.
Since 1922 the department and the Summer School have been in
charge of Dr. Bryan, who has conducted both most efficiently. During
the remaining years of Poteat's administration he had no regular
helper except for the years 1924-26, when Mr. Lloyd Herbert Conn
was assistant professor, and in the year 1926-27 Dr. A. C. Reid of the
Department of Psychology and Philosophy taught two courses in
Psychology. Dr. Bryan has kept the department well up to the
standard; he is a master in the subjects of the history of education and
the philosophy of education, and his courses in these subjects have
been very attractive to the abler students. He has kept informed of the
requirements for teachers of the State Department of Education in all
details and has cooperated with it in training his students to meet
those requirements. First in the catalogue of the year 1926-27 appears
the scheme of majors, in conformity with the State department's
prescription, under which a student preparing to teach any subject in
the high schools must specialize on that subject while in college.
Professor L. R. Mills continued as head of the department of
Mathematics until June, 1907, but on January 19, of that
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