52 History of Wake Forest College
tinued the next year. In September, 1921, the faculty added to the
curriculum a degree in Commerce designed to fit men for a business
career. This made necessary the addition of some new courses which
were the responsibility of the department of History. Most of
assistants to the teaching force of the department mentioned above
were chosen with a view to their fitness to give instruction in the
courses in this subject; some of them, notably Newmarker and
Whelan, were well equipped. The demand for such courses has been
strong from the first, but it has been difficult for one man to do all the
work, which in the larger institutions is that of a department.
The department of Political Science has attracted many of the abler
students to its advanced courses, several of whom have continued
their work in the universities. In 1922 one of these, Mr. Dean S.
Paden of Atlanta, a graduate of the class of 1918, established the
Laura Baker Paden Medal, in memory of his wife; it is awarded
annually to the member of the graduating class who has attained the
highest average grade on the courses, not less than thirty semester
hours, in this department. Dr. Pearson has always been interested in
productive work, and has engaged in it as often as his duties to this
department would allow. In 1925-26 he was granted a year's leave of
absence that he might enjoy the Harrison Research Fellowship of the
University of Pennsylvania, and in this period was able to finish and
publish some historical studies which he had begun, and wrote several
of the articles for the American Dictionary of Biography. The case of
Dr. Pearson supports the view that the College would do well to
stimulate the members of the faculty to do productive work by,
providing furloughs with full pay for limited periods for those in all
departments who need time to finish studies of a scholarly nature in
which they are already engaged.
After his resignation of the presidency of the College in June, 1905,
Dr. Charles E. Taylor continued on the faculty as professor of
philosophy until his death, November 5, 1915, except
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