Faculty and Officers 53
that in the fall term of 1905-06, the classes were taught by Professor
Darius Eatman of the School of Education. Dr. Taylor continued the
work in the masterly way already described. After his death, by the
request of the faculty, Professor J. H. Highsmith of the department of
Education conducted the work, an arrangement which was made
permanent by the Trustees at their meeting in Charlotte, December 8,
1915, when Professor Highsmith was named Professor of Education
and Philosophy, with permission to drop such courses in Education as
he found necessary. The two departments remained united during the
remainder of Professor Highsmith's stay at the College, till June,
1917, and under his successor, Professor T. E. Cochran, 1917-20,
during which period the catalogue statement of the courses offered
was practically the same as it had been under Dr. Taylor. Beginning
with the year 1920-21 the School of Philosophy, as it was then called,
was separated from that of Education, and put under charge of
Associate Professor Albert C. Reid, a graduate of the College in the
class of 1917, who had already had experience in teaching philosophy
in other schools. In 1921-22 he was absent on leave, which he spent at
Cornell University and won the Ph.D. degree. During his absence the
necessary courses were taught in the fall term by Dr. D. B. Bryan, in
the spring term by Dr. G. W. Paschal. In 1923 he was made Professor
of Philosophy, a position which he still holds. From his first assuming
charge of the department he began to introduce new courses of
instruction keeping pace with the recent developments in the study.
His advanced courses have always proved attractive for able students,
and in general the department grew in popularity, the registrations
increasing from 72 in 1920-21 to 136 in 1926-27. There was a later
marked development which will be taken account of in another
Most matters relating to the department of Physical Education in
this period have already been treated under the discussion of
Athletics. Mr. J. R. Crozier, who had been elected
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