Faculty and Officers 57
ingly more than justify the relatively small outlay which it would require.
In response to this representation the Trustees created the office of
dean and appointed Dr. Charles E. Brewer to the place. Dr. Brewer
resigned in May, 1915, to accept the presidency of Meredith College.
The other deans in order have been: E. W. Sikes, until May, 1916,
when he resigned to accept the presidency of Coker College; Dr. N.
Y. Gulley, May, 1916, to June, 1919; E. W. Timberlake, Jr., June,
1919, to June, 1922; W. R. Cullom, Acting Dean, September, 1922, to
June, 1923; D. B. Bryan, since September 20, 1923.
Dr., Brewer and all the other deans mentioned did the work of the
office without relinquishing any considerable part of the work they
were already doing in their departments of instruction. The deans
generally had no office hours, a matter which Dr. D. B. Bryan
sometimes has pointed out in his reports. Hardly any regular schedule
could be observed by a professor who is head of a department and
must devote a major part of his time to his classes, but, as Dr. Bryan
suggests, the result is that the dean is accessible at all times to
students who desire to consult him. The functions of the deans have
been manifold. In general they have taken the place of the president
during his absence from the College, which was very frequent during
the administration of President Poteat. Correspondence of a certain
nature, especially much of that with parents and students and
prospective students, is conducted by them, which in an institution of
a thousand students is very large, making it necessary that the office
of dean have a good stenographer and one who can keep secrets.
Under Dean Bryan the stenographer has been Miss Georgia Godfrey,
whose proficiency is proverbial. The reports of the various deans
indicate that the duties of the office in relation to the activities of the
College were long not clearly determined; one may find in them
accounts of deaths, estimates of the worth of departed friends of the
College, information about the Wake Forest Baptist Church, and
matters that belonged to the reports
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