76 History of Wake Forest College
McDonald, who had come to the College as Director of Music in
September, 1941, and is proving worthy of the succession.
In April, 1940, the Pfohl Chimes were installed in the belfry of the
Wait Hall. They were given as a memorial to Mr. F. Donald Pfohl, the
first director of Wake Forest department of music, who coming to the
College in 1939 had instituted his work with much enthusiasm and
ability, and won the esteem of all the college community; as the
session was opening the next year, he was attacked by pneumonia,
while on a visit to his brother at Davidson and did not survive it. The
chimes are the gift of his relatives, his wife, and parents, Bishop and
Mrs. J. Kenneth Pfohl of Winston-Salem. They were first played by
Mrs. Pfohl, the mother, on the evening of Sunday, April 20, 1940, and
are now regularly played at an appointed hour on Sunday afternoons,
to which they give a sacred and worshipful character not known
For the sake of continuity the account of the religious life of the
College that follows is for the entire period from the beginning of
President Poteat's administration to the present and has some
references to events of former years also. Supplementary accounts of
religion under the administrations of Presidents Gaines and Kitchin
will be given in place.
In these years, as in the earliest years, the Wake Forest Baptist
Church was so closely related to the College that no account of the
College during this period would be complete without some account
of the church during that same period.
Of the pastors during President Poteat's term of office, the first was
Dr. J. W. Lynch who had already been in the service of the church for
several years, and of whom some account has been given in Volume
II. The church accepted his resignation as pastor on February 10,
1909. He was succeeded by Rev. W. N. Johnson, who was called on
July 6, 1909, and entered on his pastorate on August 8, following. Dr.
Johnson resigned in December, 1915, to accept the position of
corresponding secretary of the Baptist State Convention. After his
resignation the church was served for several months by Rev. Baylus
Cade as acting
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