Religious Life During Poteat's Administration 79
to be had for love or money. He also organized the ministerial
students for that service
In the ten months after the resignation of Pastor Graves in
November, 1920, until the coming of the next pastor, Dr. W. R.
Cullom added to his duties as Professor of Bible in the College those
of acting pastor of the Church, in which he proved most acceptable.
The next regular pastor was Dr. Paul Bagby; he came to Wake
Forest from the pastorate of the Walnut Street Baptist Church of
Louisville, Kentucky, and preached his first sermon in this pastorate
on September 21, 1921. The following note from the Church minutes
after his resignation on April 15, 1928, indicates the general character
of his ministry: "Dr. Bagby's preaching has been marked by fidelity to
the scriptures, insight, and a wholesome point of view, clearness of
exposition, and an engaging vigor of presentation. His dominant note
has been evangelism." He had great influence with the young men,
being by nature much interested in them and in their sports, and
himself a good player of golf. During his ministry it was no seldom
occurrence for one or more college students to come forward after the
sermon and ask for baptism.
The next pastor was Rev. J. A. Easley, who began his services in
November, 1928 and continued as pastor for ten years. He preached
well prepared sermons, and endeared himself to the community by his
great interest in the welfare of the poor, and his warm Christian spirit
and ministries of love.
For the year 1938-39 the Church having no pastor, had its pulpit
served by former Pastor Easley and Dr. O. T. Binkley of the Bible
department of the College, preaching on alternate Sundays, often with
powerful and effective sermons.
For the next year, Dr. Everett Gill, as ad interim pastor brought to
the College and community something of the cosmopoli-
Dr. Graves informed the writer that he had sought volunteers for nursing the
influenza patients among other groups of students and had failed; but when he went
before the ministerial group and asked for helpers he got them.
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