82 History of Wake Forest College
schools and eager to have a part in
When Highsmith was called to
the superintendency of the Wake Forest Sunday school he had already
been teaching the course some years, and he at once set about
introducing the improved methods and was most successful. He took
much interest in helping the teachers in their instruction, and they
made cheerful
Through all the years members of the
faculty have taught in the Sunday school, their classes in most
instances being made up of students. These teachers have usually
been laymen since churches have claimed the services of those who
were ministers, either as regular pastors or as occasional preachers.
Among these teachers in the early years were W. G. Simmons and L.
R. Mills. Back in the seventies two were beginning their long and
distinguished service in the Wake Forest Sunday school. One of these
was W. L. Poteat, who, except for short periods when his duties as
president of the College rendered his absence necessary, until his last
illness kept him in his home, had large classes, mostly of students, to
whom he gave from Sunday to Sunday his best ordered thought. The
other was Professor Gulley, who returning to the College in 1894,
assumed the duties of superintendent of the Sunday school in 1896
and continued in them until 1902. After that, 1902-41, he served as
teacher of classes of citizens of the town. Others who labored long
and well as Sunday school teachers
A few years after Professor Highsmith left the College the course was dropped
from the curriculum.
The information on the Sunday school has been gained from several sources the
Record Book of the Wake Forest Baptist Church and of the Sunday school, from
minutes of the Central Association and the State Baptist Convention. From 1861 to
1874 there is no record of superintendents. Until 1890 nearly all the superintendents
were students. The complete list follows: 1857-60, R. R. Savage; 1860, Professor J.
H. Foote; 1861, J. L. Carroll; 1874-76, F. M. Purefoy; 1876-77, E. E. Folk; 1877, J.
L. Prichard (died September 30, 1877); 1877-78, W. T. Jordan; 1878-80, W. B.
Waff; 1880-82, no record; 1882-83, E. E. Hilliard; 1883-84, W. F. Marshall; 1884-
85, J. C. C. Dunford; 1885-89, W. C. Powell; 1889-96, C. E. Brewer; 1896-1902, N.
Y. Gulley; 1902-14, J. H. Gorrell; 1914-17, J. H. Highsmith; 1917-22, R. B. White;
1922-23, H. T. Hunter and H. M. Poteat; 1923-28, W. R. Powell; 1928-31, H. B.
Jones; 1931-33, W. R. Powell; 1933-35, I. B. Lake; 1935-37, A. L. Aycock; 1937-
39, Zon Robinson; 1939-40, J. A. Martin; 1940-41, Zon Robinson; 1941, E. C.
Cocke; 1943, J. L Memory.
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