Religious Life During Poteat's Administration 85
Baptist Young People's Union had come to the College, and most of
the students found membership in it was more serviceable to them. Its
meeting being on Sunday evenings were not in conflict with their
week-day activities. In its spiritual and educational features it was
modeled after the Y, but with greater use of smaller groups and more
opportunity for individual development. Another advantage offered
by the B.Y.P.U. was that it trained for work in like organizations in
the Baptist churches everywhere. It had not been established a year
before it was by far more attractive than the Y. It was soon evident
that there was no place at the College for the two, and after a short
time the Y was discontinued. Since that time the B.Y.P.U., now
simply the Baptist Student Union, has been popular at Wake Forest.
One other feature of the Association adopted by the B.Y.P.U. was that
of conferences and annual meetings which give opportunities for
mingling with the young men and women of other sections and
educational institutions. In these the Wake Forest students have had a
leading part and many of them have served as officers in them.
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