had this in good measure until this year. I am confident that good will come
out of the present confusion if all the facts are brought to light and fairly
Wake Forest College is a Christian school. Our primary task is that of
training young people to serve as Christians in accordance with the truth as
it is in Christ. To do this we need a strong program of support on the part of
our people. The education of the few in college depends upon the strong
interest and support of the many in our churches.
Although the investigation into Dr. Tribble's conduct of his office
was not a surprise, comment on it was widespread. The Biblical
Recorder wrote in its issue of December 17, 1955:
To say the least, this is a rather rash and hurried action…. All friends of
the college should have been willing to let this matter lie dormant, at least
for a few more months, until we could get settled on the new campus at
As to President Tribble, he has led the college in a vigorous way in
raising money and in getting ready for the removal to Winston-Salem. He
has had a task and a burden which would have been enough to crush any
ordinary man. We should remember that according to law, a man should be
considered innocent until he has been proven guilty. We would urge that all
our people keep calm and quiet and patient in this matter and not form
hurried judgments. Those leading in this action should be fair and objective
in their work and make sure they keep in mind first of all the welfare of our
dear old college and the cause of Christian education, which are more
important than any individual or the interests of any special group.
The committee had been given five weeks to conduct its interviews
with a report expected on December 22. There were faculty
interviews, staff interviews, athletic interviews, and some awkward
situations involving Dr. Tribble. As one aspect of its investigation, the
committee assembled the faculty and staff of the college in the chapel
auditorium on the evening of December 13 for the purpose of handing
out a questionnaire. The proceedings were delayed briefly when Dr.
Tribble appeared and attempted to preside, but he was persuaded to
The committee then handed out its questionnaire with assurances
that the responses would be confidential and need not be signed. In a
prepared statement Chairman Hutchins urged the as-
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