A President's Trials 97
sembly to give a "true, unbiased statement of facts without favor,
without fear, just the plain, simple facts…. Speak the truth with no
witness except your conscience and your God. Be true to both."
The responses, as tabulated by the committee and later reported to
the Board of Trustees, showed that there was a minority who opposed
Dr. Tribble but that he had the support of a clear majority of the
faculty and staff. As a matter of historical record, the questions and
the responses are reproduced here:
1. Have departmental heads and teachers cooperated fully with the
president in setting the policies and doing the work of the college? Yes, 93;
no, 7.
2. Have any teachers or departmental heads been obstructionists? Yes,
17; no, 79.
3. Administrative, first impression: Magnetic, 19; Inspiring, 52; Good,
34; Average, 9; Disappointing, 12.
Administrative, after close observation: Magnetic, 11; Inspiring, 31; Good,
24; Average, 13; Disappointing or poor, 21.
4. In delegation of responsibility to administrative heads and others,
including committees, does he fully respect their judgments and opinions
and allow them to proceed without interference? Yes, 56; no, 48.
5. Does he disregard and override judgments of others? Yes, 41; no, 52.
Are members of the faculty encouraged to make suggestions? Yes, 91; no,
6. Have preparations for moving to Winston-Salem been so made as to
encourage members of the faculty to take pleasure in moving? Yes, 77; no,
7. Have members of the faculty been consulted and their ideas obtained
and utilized in preparation for moving? Yes, 78; no, 17.
8. Does administration recognize and appreciate and respect traditions
and spirit of Wake Forest College? Yes, 70; no, 11; only partially, 25.
9. In your opinion have we in the administration that leadership,
intellectual and spiritual, necessary for organizing the faculty, the alumni,
and trustees into a working unit that will promote the welfare of the college
and serve better the constituency according to traditions and ideals of the
college? Yes, 65; no, 33.
10. Is there in the administration genuinely warm-hearted interest in the
welfare of faculty, students, and others connected with the college? Yes, 75;
no, 26.
11. Is the administrative head kind, courteous, considerate? Yes, 80; no,
12. In your opinion does the administrative head approach problems with
a sympathetic attitude, good judgment, and a desire to settle those problems
in a spirit of fairness and without irritation and hurt to others? Yes, 68; no,
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