13. In your opinion is the administrative head qualified to outline a great
academic program and select personnel possessing the necessary
qualifications for putting it into effect? Yes, 56; no, 44.
14. Has the administrative head been a source of embarrassment to
members of the faculty in public utterances? Yes, 47; no, 57.
15. Has the president, by conduct and speech, embarrassed and hurt
individual members of the faculty? Yes, 39; no, 61.
16. In your opinion is he jealous of his prerogatives and hungry for
power? Yes, 45; no, 56.
17. In your opinion do members of the faculty and staff work under
tension and strain because of the attitude of the president? Yes, 44; no, 71.
18. In your opinion do his associates have confidence in his leadership?
Yes, 64; no, 33.
19. Do you have full confidence in his sincerity and integrity? Yes, 69;
no, 38.
20. Have any teachers, in your opinion, deliberately made the task of the
president hard? Yes, 16; no, 90.
21. In your opinion has the loss of several good men from the faculty and
other personnel from the college been caused by policies and attitudes of
the administration? Yes, 32; no, 64
22. In your opinion what is the morale of the faculty in comparison with
that of previous periods in the history of the college? Much better, 9; Good,
27; About the same, 18; Lower, 29; Dangerously low, 15.
23. If there is tension, strain, and unrest, dissatisfaction, do you consider
the policies, attitudes, speech, and actions of the administration responsible
for this condition? Yes, 50; no, 52.
24. In your opinion, how is the administration regarded by the people of
the town? Popular, 31½; Unpopular, 44½.
25. In your opinion how regarded by students? Popular, 42; Indifferent,
37; Disliked, 23.
26. In your opinion, how regarded by the alumni? Popular, 27;
Unpopular, 48.
27. Are you happy in your work? Yes, 99; no, 16.
28. Do the policies and attitudes of the administration promote happiness
in your work? Yes, 62; no, 33.
29. Do you as a member of the faculty feel free to express opinions not in
line with those of the administration? Yes, 72; no, 34.
30. Have you acted independently and of your own volition in answering
the above questions contained in this questionnaire? Yes, 117; no, 0.
In a similar poll conducted later at the Bowman Gray School of
Medicine, only about thirty of the fifty-five respondents answered all
of the questions. The Medical School faculty, considerably more
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