Tribble, those who wanted to fire him immediately, and those who
wanted to delay his discharge until after the college had completed the
move to Winston-Salem. Although Dr. Tribble retained his position,
the action of the trustees was not regarded at the time as a vote of
confidence in him. His opponents even had a willing successor lined
up and waiting in the wings: Carroll Weathers
Inevitably the controversy continued with Tribble making no
concessions to his detractors. In a letter to Odus Mull on February 8
he showed his fighting mood: "I have no idea of quitting," he said. "I
am not afraid of Basil and his crowd." On that same day Irving
Carlyle took steps to assure that the detailed account of the
deliberations by the Board of Trustees on February 3 be withheld
from public view for a long time to come. The minutes were ordered
sealed, their later examination to be subject to the permission of the
If Tribble had his detractors, he also had strong supporters,
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